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muscle music
Dec 3, 2017

Muscle Music LLC is a full-service record label, music production, and publishing company established in Richmond VA, in 2011 and headed by its CEO Robert Frampton.

The company’s marketing plan includes leveraging the reputation and connections of its associates, songwriters and production team to draw nationally-known artists to the Company for recording and production services, and to identify and recruit talented songwriters and producers to the company’s publishing division. Muscle Music LLC publishing will cover the full musical spectrum, its primary focus is on the genres of urban and pop music, including rap, hip-hop and rhythm and blues. These genres have maintained a stable market share for the past ten years. Muscle Music LLC believes that R&B and Hip Hop music will continue to gain crossover popularity and will grow in market share over the next few years. As such, the genres provide a lucrative market within the music industry.

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