I am a rock/pop-punk/cover song studio musician. I am a multi-instrumentalist and currently, I am running a Kickstarter campaign called "Oldies Volume 1". Ask Me Anything!

PCMmoose (Diamond)
Nov 9, 2017

Hi. My name is Josh Moose and I have a solo project called "Punk Cover Moose". PCM is a Rock/Pop-Punk artist doing "one man band" covers of oldies songs every 3rd Wednesday along with a music video. Every third Wednesday, I release a new rock/pop-punk style cover song of an oldies tune along with a video. I arrange the music, record all of the instruments, mix it together then I shoot the video and edit it together! Check out my music videos.

I recently reached 100,000 views on my YouTube Channel, 20,000 follows on my Facebook fan page, and reached almost 39% of my Kickstarter goal! 

This AMA will be with the brain behind it all, Josh Moose! Ask me anything but don't get out of control. I currently have a Kickstarter to fund my printing and pressing of physical CDs and Vinyl. The album will consist of the first 12 releases from February 2017 - January 2018.

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