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Aug 12, 2017

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Aug 12, 1:22PM EDT0

Where are you from?

Aug 12, 12:30AM EDT0

 I'm from India 

Last edited @ Aug 12, 1:19PM EDT.
Aug 12, 1:02PM EDT0

Sorry, what?

Aug 12, 3:17PM EDT0

Where are my dubs on Dubsmash?

Aug 11, 3:40PM EDT0

It was in media which is the option of Dubsmash appl

Aug 12, 1:03PM EDT0

Ok, I will check

Aug 12, 3:51PM EDT0

How old are you? Isn't this more for kids?

Aug 11, 2:19PM EDT0

Im 21 ,ya it's for kids 

Aug 12, 1:03PM EDT0

You're an adult already. For what age can it be used?

Aug 12, 3:53PM EDT0

My video is not syncing with the sound! How can I fix this?

Aug 11, 2:08PM EDT0

When I started to do this ,I get the same problem so before the sound comes u should to lip sync with i

Aug 12, 1:05PM EDT0

And what's the next step?

Aug 12, 4:14PM EDT0

Why does my app keep crashing?

Aug 11, 11:02AM EDT0

Which applic

Aug 12, 1:05PM EDT0

My application. Why it can have problems?

Aug 12, 3:44PM EDT0

How can I share my Dubsmash to FB, Twitter or Instagram?

Aug 11, 10:24AM EDT0

Save it gallery and then share it or after finishing ur dubs there wil be the more option about sharin

Aug 12, 1:06PM EDT0

Thank you so much

Aug 12, 3:53PM EDT0

How do you register to Dubsmash?

Aug 11, 10:04AM EDT0

When I open the application it's ask me to register..then I give my email I'd and created my user name ,p

Aug 12, 1:08PM EDT0

Is it safe enough for personal details?

Aug 12, 5:22PM EDT0

What do you plan to do in the future with this?

Aug 11, 8:19AM EDT0

I'm going earn money 💰 with the help of my YouTube channe

Aug 12, 1:09PM EDT0

You hav your personal channel? May I have a link for it?

Aug 12, 4:33PM EDT0

How long have you been a user?

Aug 11, 7:55AM EDT0

What is the meaning of Dubsmash?

Aug 11, 7:33AM EDT0

Iip syncing with the soun

Aug 12, 1:10PM EDT0

Lip sync with the so

Aug 12, 1:10PM EDT0

What's the longest I can record for?

Aug 11, 7:09AM EDT0

sorry I can't understand about wat ur sa

Aug 12, 1:11PM EDT0

How come so many people do this and spend hours on this program?

Aug 11, 6:56AM EDT0

because it's funny and entertainment so for so many people do coming to do thi

Aug 12, 1:13PM EDT0

I hope this is really so, lol

Aug 12, 4:16PM EDT0

Can I add my own sounds to the app?

Aug 11, 6:46AM EDT0

Yes ,y not

Aug 12, 1:13PM EDT0

What got you into using this app?

Aug 11, 6:00AM EDT0


Aug 12, 1:14PM EDT0
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What is DubSmash?

Aug 11, 5:19AM EDT0


Aug 12, 1:15PM EDT0

Visit my link and c the videos that are called dubs

Aug 12, 1:16PM EDT0

Why Dubsmash over something like Musical.ly?

Aug 11, 4:02AM EDT0

Both are same only ..most of them liketo use musically because it's advanced of Dubsmash 

Aug 12, 1:17PM EDT0

How do you make a Dubsmash?

Aug 11, 3:59AM EDT0

by that application with acting and syncing sounds with that

Aug 12, 1:18PM EDT0

What do you do for a job or if you're a student, what are you currently studying?

Aug 11, 3:33AM EDT0

I'm a petroleum engineer ...I wil work on petroleum in

Aug 12, 1:19PM EDT0

What's the funniest Dubsmash you've ever seen?

Aug 11, 3:25AM EDT0


Last edited @ Aug 12, 1:19PM EDT.
Aug 12, 1:19PM EDT0

My videos wouldn't save after I record them - any solutions you can help with?

Aug 11, 2:50AM EDT0

There s space in ur mobile 

Aug 12, 1:21PM EDT0

done ok 

Aug 12, 1:21PM EDT0

guy sub me for suv

Aug 9, 9:07AM EDT0
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