The Kenyan Contemporary Music Scene As a purveyor of local urban contemporary music, I am left dumbstruck by the inability of our Kenyan industry to grow by leaps and bounds vis-à-vis our East African counterparts let alone Nigerian's, Ghanaian's and South Africa's industry. So the question that begs an answer is; where did we go wrong? What could be the problem? You can therefore Ask Me Anything regarding contemporary Kenyan music in comparison to other African Nations.

Nov 10, 2017

While other African music industries are experiencing perpetual growth, the Kenyan music scene is obliterated with miniature growth. This situation can be attributed to a myriad of possibilities and reasons, spanning from poor artistry, management among others, all of which I will discuss in my AMA.

We are weak developers of talent in all fields. For instance, let us look at Kenyan football; how many fans go to watch Kenyan football matches? We all know the answer to that; very few. The primary reason why football fans do not go to the stadiums is that the quality of football displayed is deemed to be of a lower quality compared to the European Leagues. As we all know, this argument is substantive and factual. However, is it logical to compare our 20-year-old clubs to centenarians in Europe? Another issue is the fact that all our football clubs are formed by corporate entities meaning that if the plight of the clubs is interlinked with that of these firms. Our music is actually facing the same plight.

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